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Getting ready for Easter

Happy Easter! So light and kind Holiday to spend with Your family. Give up buying already painted eggs and enjoy the process with Your Mom, kids or friends. 🙂

I’ll share some our methods of painting eggs. First of all, it’s a…

1. Traditional onion husk. Painting with onion husk is very ecological, you can’t be afraid of what you eat with the egg. To get some patterns You should cover an egg with some soaked husk and put it into a stocking and tie a knot.

Boil the eggs in a water with husk – they will turn brown (boil onion husk for about 45 min to colour the water before you boil the eggs in it).

However, today we also make some more complications by colouring eggs with egg paints after that, because it receives uneven marble and more colourful look.

You can put it in colour before taking off a stocking, or after, or even twice. Experiments are welcome. Of course, You can also simply boil eggs and then use only paints without colouring it in a pan.  You can also search for more natural colouring methods on the Internet. In the end, grease eggs with oil for shine.

And the result is:

2. Rub the coloured eggs gently with a napkin to get a pocked surface.

Boil the eggs. After colouring boiled eggs rub them slightly with a napkin until the paint is completely dry.

And the result is! My sister got the most beautiful. I got the worst 😀

3. Fresh or dry flowers and plants on egg in a stocking. It’s my favourite one and I usually try to make it extremely natural,  so I’m ordinarily colouring eggs by boiling them in the water with onion husk. Here are some flowers of my rich collection in my old dictionary. ;D

And the resuuuult is!

Year 2017 Calendar

Let me show you the 2017 year calendar drawn and created by me and my friends. I am glad to share it with everyone! It doesn’t show holidays, because they differ in different countries, so we made it optimal for readers. The are some versions of the calendar, and the last one is black and white version for colouring.

calendar1 calendar1.jpg (28 downloads)

calendar2 calendar2.jpg (24 downloads)

calendar3 calendar3.jpg (26 downloads)

calendar-b-w calendar-b-w.jpg (25 downloads)

I posted my favourite versions of the calendar. The original article with more versions is in my friend’s blog, but they are in Lithuanian language. You can see them here: http://www.ikvepimogidas.lt/2017-metu-kalendoriai/