Some ideas for Christmas

Probably you have already finished decorating your christmas-crafthome for Christmas. I decided to share my Christmas ideas, some of them were developed from what i had seen on the Internet before, in a bit changed way.

Pinecone garland

Maybe you have seen a garland made of pinecones (I saw it on Pinterest). I love pinecones: forests and parks are wealthy with pinecones, I often pick up some and put into my pocket. I made the garland and painted some pinecones with gold spray paint. I decorated my piano with the garland. I liked it. Later I added Christmas lights and small gold beads garland. Now my piano looks like in a Christmas fairytale.

20161223_142354  20161223_012200

Christmas wreaths

Everybody knows what a Сhristmas wreath can look like. It can be made of natural ‘ingredients’ or not. You can hang it on the door or put a candle inside. I personally hanged two of them under a wall clock and gifted the third, the green one, to my best friend. I used a cardboard ring as a base, wrapped it in a packing paper and white paralon strips to make it bigger (paralon can look like snow), ribbons to fix them, then I glued my painted pinecones, dried orange slices, anise and whatever i wanted with a hot glue gun and tied some small spruce branches.



Gloving picture

One more project I dreamed about is still in process. Firstly, I bought battery operated LED Christmas lights with 10 bulbs on ebay, it was cheaper than in local shops. When I got them, I chose a winter painting for this purpose, painted by famous Russian artist Viktor Vasnetsov. You can print a painting or a photo, or buy a canvas with printed painting. It is even better to use a canvas. However, i wanted to use this picture. I marked where I want to see lights on a virtual version of the picture with my computer, it is also necessary to consider the distance between the holes and the length of the wire between the lights, as well as the sequence. I made holes with an awl in the marked locations and poked lightbulbs through them. Be careful not to make too big holes. Then fix the wire on the other side of the picture, make it with adhesive tape, for example. Everything is wonderful if you used a canvas. I consider using a frame or other tricks to hang the beautiful picture on my wall. Let it glow!

vasnetsov_snegurochka  20161217_000629

20161217_002513  20161217_001939


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