“Love You” collages for the Valentine’s day (and not only!)

On the Eve of the Valentine’s day I suggest using my newly created Love You collages, (even for those, who says that the holiday is commercial :). However, I hope you will use them not only for the Valentine’s day, but on any other day too. It will definitely make her/him smile, so don’t wait for a reason! I suggest twelve sweet postcards in different styles, and you decide which is closer to your relationship. Tenderness, adventure, care or everlasting summer! 🙂

love-collage1 love-collage1.jpg (23 downloads)
love-collage2 love-collage2.jpg (18 downloads)
love-collage3 love-collage3.jpg (21 downloads)
love-collage4 love-collage4.jpg (21 downloads)

love-collage5 Love-collage5.jpg (18 downloads)
love-collage6 Love-collage6.jpg (20 downloads)
love-collage7 Love-collage7.jpg (17 downloads)
love-collage8 Love-collage8.jpg (18 downloads)
love-collage9 Love-collage9-1.jpg (18 downloads)
love-collage10 Love-collage10-2.jpg (18 downloads)
love-collage11 Love-collage11-1.jpg (18 downloads)
love-collage12 love-collage12.jpg (18 downloads)

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