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Summer Birthday collages

Have You waited for the summer? Don’t forget to wish all the best to Your Friends who waited even more, because They have Their Birthday 🙂

summer-collage1.jpg (35 downloads)

summer-collage2.jpg (22 downloads)

summer-collage3.jpg (19 downloads)

summer-collage4.jpg (16 downloads)

summer-collage5.jpg (15 downloads)

summer-collage6a.jpg (19 downloads)

summer-collage7.jpg (10 downloads)

summer-collage8.jpg (9 downloads)

summer-collage9.jpg (11 downloads)

summer-collage10.jpg (7 downloads)

Spring Birthday collages

Fiiinally! It’s already the Time to share the Spring Birthday collages with You and send all the best wishes to Your friends and family. Glad to wish You warm Spring, good mood and new adventures!

spring-birthday-collage1 spring-birthday-collage1.jpg (27 downloads)

spring-birthday-collage2 spring-birthday-collage2.jpg (14 downloads)

spring-birthday-collage3 spring-birthday-collage3.jpg (20 downloads)

spring-birthday-collage4 spring-birthday-collage4.jpg (20 downloads)

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“Love You” collages for the Valentine’s day (and not only!)

On the Eve of the Valentine’s day I suggest using my newly created Love You collages, (even for those, who says that the holiday is commercial :). However, I hope you will use them not only for the Valentine’s day, but on any other day too. It will definitely make her/him smile, so don’t wait for a reason! I suggest twelve sweet postcards in different styles, and you decide which is closer to your relationship. Tenderness, adventure, care or everlasting summer! 🙂

love-collage1 love-collage1.jpg (23 downloads)
love-collage2 love-collage2.jpg (18 downloads)
love-collage3 love-collage3.jpg (21 downloads)
love-collage4 love-collage4.jpg (21 downloads)

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Christmas collages

It is time for all of us to celebrate! Merry Christmas! Wish you not to be like Mr Grinch, but to have very warm and big heart, to be kind, to love each other, to enjoy every minute of life and to spend more time not at work, but with your family 🙂 . Use the postcards to wish all the best to
e v e r y o n e
you love!

christmas-collage1 christmas-collage1.jpg (25 downloads)

christmas-collage2 christmas-collage2.jpg (30 downloads)

christmas-collage3 christmas-collage3.jpg (33 downloads)

christmas-collage4 christmas-collage4.jpg (34 downloads)

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